Products 15 Jan 2015

Product: Ipone Motorcycle Oil

New range released by Ficeda Accessories in Australia.

Ficeda Accessories has introduced the new Ipone Motorcycle range of lubricant products.

After the brand’s launch just two years ago into the Australian market, Ipone has cemented it’s worldwide position as a market leading, high quality motorcycle oil company at a local level.

Ipone’s product innovation and subsequent packaging facelift once again raises the bar in the motorcycle oil industry.

New formula oil in the Katana road and off-road products (100 percent Synthetic with advanced Esters focused on faster, smoother shifting) and R4000 synthetic plus with Ester (Semi-Synthetic ester-based lubricant focused on engine protection), fall in line with the recently established racing range of products.

Those products have already proven themselves to be among the best, if not the best, performing lubricant products under the most extreme racing conditions all over the world.

New packaging allows customers to quickly and easily find the right oil for their application with labelling that clearly shows key information such as four-stroke or two-stroke, product name, key benefit, oil viscosity and importantly the applicable standard as well as an easily identifiable image showing the typical product use all on the front of the bottle making it a quick and easy task to find the right oil.

Now with one of the widest ranges of lubricant products available in the motorcycle industry worldwide, Ipone has a product that not only suits your bike in terms of manufacturer specification and regulation, but also to best suit the riding requirements you demand.

Ipone’s new products are available in store right now. Visit for further information on Ficeda Accessories.