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Product: Motul E7 Insect Remover

E7 Insect Remover part of the Motul MC Care range.

The sun is shining and the thermometer also tells you it’s summer at last. This is also clearly confirmed by a glance at your motorcycle fairings and at the windscreen. After even just a short trip out on a Sunday afternoon, your bike will be covered with lots of insects. But who fancies washing a whole motorbike on a Sunday evening?

On the other hand, thorough cleaning should not be put on hold for too long. Fly dirt not only looks unpleasant, it also conceals the risk of damage to the painted surfaces caused by the decomposition process of the insects.

Motul E7 Insect Remover is ideal for removing this kind of grime quickly and without water, leaving no residues and producing a perfect finish. Most importantly this applies to all cleaning tasks: the surfaces must be allowed to cool down first and the cleaner should not be used in direct sunlight.

Simply spray onto the surfaces soiled with insects. The gelatinous cleaner adheres well to the sprayed surface, does not drip and dissolves organic grime in next-to-no time. The insects can be easily removed after two to three minutes using a soft lint-free cloth – here we recommend a soft, high-pile microfibre cloth.

Then just rub the surface down again briefly and your bike is clean once again. This cleaning method is also recommended when painted surfaces are soiled with bird droppings.

External Care is one of five product ranges in the care series Motul MC Care, which also includes Motul E7 Insect Remover. Motul MC Care Line also includes the range Chain Maintenance, Mechanical Parts Maintenance, Air Filter Maintenance and Motorcyclist and Equipment Care. Brilliant results once again guarantee optimum biking fun and hot curves.

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