News 10 Apr 2015

Pirelli MT 60 RS for Ducati Scrambler now available in Australia

These have been specially made for with a dedicated design of the knobs.

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Specially developed for the new model from the Borgo Panigale company is the original equipment of all four versions of this motorcycle in 110/80 R18 front and 180/55 R17 rear.

The MT 60 RS is the Pirelli tyre designed for the DUCATI SCRAMBLER, the latest model launched by the Borgo Panigale company in four versions: Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic.

The front 3.00’’ x 18’’ and rear 5.50’’ x 17’’ wheels of the DUCATI SCRAMBLER are designed to be lightweight and will have fitted as original equipment, the MT 60 RS 110/80 R18 front and 180/55 R17 rear, the new enduro street tyres from Pirelli.

These have been specially made for the DUCATI SCRAMBLER with a dedicated design of the knobs which offers excellent handling on any terrain.

Also for the new DUCATI SCRAMBLER, a contemporary motorcycle which offers the perfect mix of tradition and modernity and which expresses the pure essence of motorcycling, Ducati chose Pirelli, confirming the strong link between the two Italian companies.

MT 60 RS is a product present in the enduro street range of Pirelli tyres for many years and has always been a benchmark for the segment thanks to its ability to combine sports-road performance with traction on unpaved roads.

During the development of new sizes required by Ducati for the four versions of the DUCATI SCRAMBLER, Pirelli has totally redesigned the MT 60 RS in terms of specifications and performance.

The tread pattern of the sizes of the MT 60™ RS designed specifically for the DUCATI SCRAMBLER presents larger and more variable sized ‘knobs’ along the edge, thus giving rise to a multi-pitch design compared to the single-pitch that characterized the original tyre.

61-240-25 | MT60 RS FRONT 110/80R18 TL 58H (NEW) | $215.00
61-250-41 | MT60 RS 180/55R17 TL 73H (NEW) | $319.00

This results in a significant decrease of the land/sea ratio, and in an increase of the contact surface with associated reduction of movement of the knobby tread.

The resulting benefits are a reduction in braking distance thanks to the work of the front tyre and greater stability both on the straight and whilst leaning.

Finally, thanks to the multi-pitch tread design, the noise generated by the tyre rolling on the asphalt is significantly decreased compared to the original MT 60 RS.

The product upgrade is completed by new compounds and takes advantage of the experience gained in this area by Pirelli in recent years.

At the front we used a compound which is derived directly from the sporty DIABLO ROSSO II, with a balanced content of silica and Carbon Black to provide for dynamic riding, with high grip on both on dry and wet surfaces.

Meanwhile on the rear, the choice has fallen on a sport touring compound with high silica content so as to ensure durability over long distances and a high grip in the wet.

Finally, the structure of the front tyre was also completely redesigned from what in the past was radial with cross-ply belts to now became radial but with a 0° steel belt, with significant benefits in terms of stability and steering precision.

The new MT 60 RS is available now to coincide with the release of the new Ducati Scrambler range in Australia.