News 6 Sep 2015

Riding education continues on day two of EPA camp

On-bike assessments at the Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre.

Motorcycling Australia press release:

The Motorcycling Australia Elite Performance Academy (EPA) squad has been confronted with a range of different racing conditions on Sunday.

The second day of the camp saw the riders participate in assessments on a number of different terrains including dirt track, grass and bitumen at the Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre.

Queensland road racer Broc Pearson said the challenges presented by the various racing environments was an enjoyable challenge embraced by all eight riders in the squad.

“It was a bit different doing the same exercises on different surfaces, and it was interesting to see how the bike moved around on each surface,” Pearson said.

“I liked getting onto the tar obviously as that is what I always ride and I am used to that, (but) it was cool to try the road racing style on the TTRs as well; riding around the corners with the weight on the different side of the foot pegs.

“It was really good to see all the riders’ skills and everyone has a pretty high skill level, so it was a great day of riding and I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

Victorian speedway rider Jaimon Lidsey said the exposure to the diverse terrains was extremely beneficial to broadening his riding experience.

“I learnt lots of different things on all the surfaces we rode on today. From weight on each foot peg, to balance and how to control the bike in different terrains, I took plenty away from today,” Lidsey said.

“On the bitumen, it was different for us speedway, enduro and motocross riders, but we all thought it was pretty cool.

“I’m a bit stiff tonight, but after the ice bath and jumping in the pool, I feel nice and loosened up now and I’m all good to go for another day.”

The MA Elite Performance Academy camp enters its final day on the Gold Coast on Monday, with further psychological and on-bike testing sessions planned before a final camp feedback and recap session.