News 26 Oct 2015

Back of grid penalty for Valencia 'not fair' says Rossi

The Doctor comments on incident with Marquez.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

Valentino Rossi has spoken out about the Sepang clash with Marc Marquez that could cost him any chance of clinching a 10th world championship at Valencia’s final round of the MotoGP season next month.

Race direction reviewed the incident after the race, handing Rossi three penalty points and he will be forced to start the final race of the season from the back of the grid due to the accumulation of a total of four points in total.

While Marquez was adamant that Rossi purposely made him crash, Rossi said otherwise, that he was instead just hoping to make him lose momentum while title rival Jorge Lorenzo was racing off into the distance in second.

“Is very clear from the image, especially from the helicopter that I don’t want to make him crash,” Rossi said. “I just want to make him lose time and go out of the line and slow down because also this time, a lot worse than in Australia, he make his dirty game, no? When I go wide, wide, wide, I slow down, we almost stop and I look at him to say, ‘f**k, what the f**k are you doing?’.

“For me is not fair, also because like this, Marquez win his fight! His program is okay because he made me lose the championship. Especially for me the sanction is not good because I don’t want to make him crash purposefully, I just reacted to his behaviour. I didn’t kick him and I didn’t want to make him crash.

“But you know, you don’t say nothing in the press conference, maybe change something. But for me this is unfair, as I just want to fight for the championship with Jorge and the better man win. Like this it doesn’t happen.”

While Rossi stopped short of saying he regrets the clash, he insists that it was never intended for Marquez to go down. And starting from the rear of the grid at Valencia’s final round makes it very hard for him to claim a 10th world title.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to make him crash, but I had to try to do something,” he added. “At that moment Jorge was already gone, but I’ve said everything. It is not over, but this sanction cut my leg and make Marquez win.”

Rossi will carry a seven-point advantage over Movistar Yamaha teammate Lorenzo into Valencia’s final round on 8 November, forced to start from the rear of the grid in an unprecedented finish to the world championship.