Interviews 10 Nov 2015

Fast Thoughts: Josh Waters

Bennetts Suzuki BSB racer on a variety of topics.

This year’s British Superbike Championship wasn’t an easy one for Mildura’s Josh Waters, the two-time Australian Superbike Champion finishing 25th in the final standings on board a Bennetts Suzuki GSX-R1000. The 28-year-old finds himself at a crossroad in his career after three years in the BSB, not yet willing to give up on his aspirations internationally, but also eager to rekindle the enjoyment of racing week in, week out. spoke to Waters upon return to Australia for his take on a mixture of subjects.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

Your season in BSB this year…

This season I thought was going to go a lot better. I was very disappointed with the season, it was hard, and things didn’t click. It was bloody hard, the championship there this year, with a lot of good riders and teams. So, it wasn’t easy and it’s good to be home.

Suzuki’s GSX-R range…

I still think the GSX-R1000 is a really, really good bike. I still believe in it and Suzuka proves how fast it is, so it’s more than capable of winning. I rode the GSX-S nakedbike recently and that’s awesome – if I was to get a road bike I’d be getting one of them! It’s like a GSX-R, but fun and comfortable to ride on the street as well.

Coming from Mildura and living in the UK…

It’s night and day difference. Here it’s like 35 degrees now, whereas in England the hottest day of the year was 27 and it was like they were going to die from the heat. It’s a lot busier over there, while here it’s really cruisy, but I enjoyed my time over there and met a lot of really nice people. They’re things I’ll remember forever, but I’m Australian and I’d rather live in Australia.

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Source: Supplied.

Hopes for racing in 2016…

Obviously I want to keep racing. I’m not giving up and just because I’ve had a hard year doesn’t mean I want to throw the towel in. Everybody in racing has hard years, so I’m not going to give up, but the big thing is I want to enjoy myself again like I used to. When I used to enjoy myself I would always be at the front, so I want to try and do that and see what happens. I’m trying to get something together and make something happen.

Off-season plans…

It’s pretty warm here, so we’ll be going down the river and stuff like that. Brodie now races speedway, so I’ll make out like I’m a mechanic and watch him race around, plus maybe I’ll ride a bit. I’ll do some work, just all normal things. Enjoy the Australian lifestyle!

Speedway GP in Australia…

That was awesome – I got home the day before to watch Etihad, so that was awesome. I’m from Mildura and that’s where so many successful speedway riders have been from, so there’s a big following in that and it was awesome to see it in a really good stadium. Unfortunately our Aussie – Jason Doyle – crashed in the final, but he did a ripper job to make it, so it was good to watch.