Features 26 Jul 2016

Unplugged: Callum Spriggs

All kinds of questions with Cube Racing's Supersport challenger.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Image: Russell Colvin.

My Way

Greatest moment of your career?

Would have to be when I got my first race win back in 2012 in the wet at Queensland Raceway. It was the third of June, which was my birthday and even better. That year was the year when Daniel [Falzon] was winning everything, so it was nice to beat him.

Toughest race ever?

It probably was the last race at the end of last year’s Swann Series at Sydney Motorsport Park. It was when Brayden [Elliott] and I were going for the title and there was so much pressure. I got a bad start and simply saw the championship slipping away.

Long-term goal?

I would like to one day be able to make a living out of racing. On top of that, I would like to win the Supersport championship this year.

Favourite track?

Without a doubt, Phillip Island! Every time we go there is for the World Superbike Championship and the MotoGP support event, so there is a great vibe and atmosphere there. And the layout of the track is simply unreal, who doesn’t like racing at the Island!


Last year was Brayden, because he was the one I had to beat. This year would have to be Sam [Clarke] as he is on the pace this year and leading the championship.

If you weren’t a racer, you would be?

If I wasn’t racing, I would be doing more concrete cutting for Allsite Concrete Cutting.

Greatest inspiration?

Would have to say Valentino Rossi as I like the way he is. When wins he plays it up and when he loses he is not too sad. He’s just a great role model and great for the sport.


No superstitions. I don’t believe in that stuff.

Training methods?

I do a little bit of pushbike riding, motocross riding and a little bit of gym work. I don’t really do a lot of training to be honest.

Off the Wall

Non bike-related hobbies?

I enjoy a bit of fishing and jet-skiing, don’t mind chasing women on weekends [laughs] and just hanging with mates.

What car do you drive?
A new Holden Colorado, which I picked up in May this year. Not a bad car to get around in.

What’s on the iPod?

I got some Offspring, Blink 182. That’s about it at the moment.

Best thing about racing in Australia?

Traveling around the countryside. On top of that you also get to always live at home which is great.

Who will win WorldSBK this year?

You can’t look past Jonathan Rea at this stage. He is just killing it!

And MotoGP?

I’m going to say Marc Marquez. He has a nice points lead, so unless he throws it away, I can’t see anyone beating him this year. Jorge Lorenzo seems to be struggling at this point of the year.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

Honestly, I really don’t know!

First and Last

First bike?

A Yamaha PW50, which I got in 2000 at the age of six.

First proper injury?

I would have been in year two, I broke my left arm after someone threw me across the garden. It was one of my brother’s mates and we were just mucking around and I just landed wrong.

First time you got in a fight?

Never been in one. Don’t plan on being in one either.

Last holiday?

Would have been when we went to Perth for the ASBK, we went a bit earlier for my birthday. We looked around, went to the casino, lost a bit of money, went and looked at the Margaret River. Just the normal stuff.

Last big crash you had?

Would have been at Wakefield Park last year during testing. Crashed at turn one.

One or the Other

Faster circuits or more technical circuits?

I feel like I go better at the more technical circuits, but I do like the faster circuits better.

Monster or Red Bull?

Red Bull.

PC or Mac?

PC, just a normal computer.

McDonalds or KFC?

I eat more McDonalds than KFC, so McDonalds it is.

MotoGP or WorldSBK?

MotoGP. Just because the racing is so close this year. I like all the classes including the Moto3 and Moto2 as well as the main class.

Print or digital magazines?

Print. Nothing beats a hard copy.

Blonde or brunette?