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Bike: 2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R and 1290 Super Adventure R

KTM's 2017 model hard-core travel enduros in full detail.

KTM has unveiled an updated V-twin Adventure range at Intermot with the new 1090 Adventure R and 1290 Super Adventure R – that has replaced the 1190 Adventure R – two most off-road focused machines in its five-model V-twin line-up.

No matter what corner of the Earth you are riding, those who love to leave paved roads far behind on occasion to escape the daily grind on gravel tracks, gain an especially exciting new KTM travel enduro option in model year 2017. The new KTM 1090 Adventure R is made for purists who crave that elementary style of riding enjoyment delivered by a genuine, rugged adventure bike.

Easily distinguished from its sister model 1090 Adventure by laced wheels in enduro dimensions of 18 and 21-inches, knobby tyres, extra suspension travel and the powder coating of the trellis frame in the brand’s typical orange, matching the standard crash bar that protects components like the tank and radiators from the falls that are basically unavoidable in off-road use.

The extremely rugged wire spoke wheels are fitted with knobby Continental TKC 80 Twinduro tires as OEM. In addition, tire sizes of 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 ensure owners can choose from a wide range of available specialized street and off-road treads, allowing them to perfectly match the bike to the intended field of use. The fully adjustable WP suspension components with a full 220mm of travel front and rear will reliably out even the roughest of bumps.

In addition, stiffer springs equip the massive 48mm WP upside-down front forks with extra reserves. Similar to KTM’s racing enduros, the progressively damped PDS shock absorber by WP Suspension. It also offers comprehensive adjustments for pre-load, compression and rebound, as do the forks. The KTM 1090 Adventure R also relies on the new 1050cc, 75°, V-twin with a maximum output of 92kW for powerful propulsion, and perfectly controlled in any situation thanks to the sophisticated ride by wire system.

At the same time, buyers of the R receive the same cutting edge technology like the slipper clutch, multi-mode ABS and traction control with KTM ride mode technology. The powerful braking system with dual 320mm Brembo front discs, radial four-piston calipers and a radial master cylinder remains unchanged .

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The Bosch 9M+ two channel antilock braking system stands for extremely short braking distances and optimum vehicle control. With its intelligent braking pressure modulation, it prevents the wheels from locking up while minimizing the endo tendency in emergency braking on grippy and changing surfaces.

In addition to the option of fully disengaging the ABS, the “R” has a standard off-road mode allowing the rider to lock-up the rear wheel as desired – an important prerequisite for committed off-road riding and well-directed drifting. On the front wheel, the ABS remains active in off-road mode.

When accelerating, the rider of the 1090 Adventure R benefits from Traction Control (TC) with KTM ride mode technology. An important part of the safety equipment package, it utilises the quick reaction times of the ride by wire system to reduce power to safe levels, ensuring sporty but fully controlled propulsion on any surface. Depending on the selected mode, the traction control allows different amounts of slippage on the rear wheel.

A highly intuitive operation and setup of these systems is ensured by the clear VDO dashboard with dual LCD displays in combination with the handy menu switch on the handlebar. But despite all the fascinating high-tech solutions, you keep coming back to the well thought out details that turn a good motorcycle into a fantastic KTM adventure bike.

Details like the comprehensive adjustments for the ergonomics, allowing to easily configure the bike to fit riders with different preferences and physiques. For example, the windshield is adjustable, as are the handlebar, footpegs and hand levers.

Subtly integrated into the rear, mountings for the practical KTM luggage system allow fitting the “R” with highly functional side cases and a top case in a jiffy. The one-piece seat, specially shaped to provide the rider with extra mobility in offroad duty, also shines with superior long distance comfort and transparent feedback, thanks to a cutting edge 3D foam cushion.

Like the 1090 Adventure R, KTM has put the new KTM 1290 Super Adventure R onto its large, 18 and 21-inch laced wheels. The highest- performing fully off-road capable travelenduro on the market at 118kW, it is ready to back up the promise of its breathtaking KISKA design and authentic rally looks at any time.

Wherever the tarmac ends, the 1290 Super Adventure R becomes the quickest connection between two places. That is ensured by plenty of suspension travel, a fully adjustable WP Suspension chassis and tubeless enduro tyres. At the same time, the most sophisticated electronic assistance package on the market, the Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) with lean-angle sensitive ABS and traction control, delivers maximum safety and perfect control in any riding situation.

A new 6.5’’ TFT display takes care of optimum rider information, and thanks to the new LED headlights with electronically controlled LED cornering lights, riders will never lack visibility even on the darkest night.

For many years, the Salzburg based KISKA design agency has been responsible for the styling of KTM motorcycles. The 1290 Super Adventure R is a prime example of Gerald Kiska’s signature style, as well as proof that the close co-operation between KTM and KISKA increasingly extends to technological and conceptual design work through the unique integration of form with functionality.

For example, the face of the 1290 Super Adventure R with its distinctive KISKA looks was created in an especially close collaboration with the KTM engineers. At its core: A central aluminum carrier for the new LED lights which at the same time acts as a heat sink. Integrated into the lower part of the headlights, the LED cornering lights ensure perfect road illumination at all times, based on the data of the MSC lean angle sensor.

From the rider’s seat, the new generation is recognized at the first glance by the sophisticated new dashboard with its bright, large TFT color display. Large laced wheels in 21 inches front and 18 inches on the rear open up a wide range of tire choices to the rider beside the OEM Continental Trail Attack II or Continental TKC 80, all the way up to very knobby off-road treads. At the same time, the patented wheels with air-tight rims combine all the advantages of tubeless tires with the extreme ruggedness indispensable for tough offroad duty.

As standard, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) checks the tyres, automatically warning the rider in case of pressure loss. Off-road, the rider can also rely on especially rugged and fully adjustable cross-country suspension by WP with a full 220mm of travel front and rear. Stiffer springs in the WP upside-down front forks and a progressively damped PDS shock absorber ensure the chassis can take whatever is dished out – pure racing technology.

Extra mobility is delivered by the one-piece off-road seat. At the same time, its cutting edge 3D foam cushions combine outstanding long range comfort with a great feel for what goes on beneath those wheels. Crash bars coated in orange to match the “R” trellis frame and handguards round off the offroad hardware package.

Within the rigid steel trellis frame of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R there is a 1301 cc, 75° V twin based on the engine of the 1290 Super Duke R, otherwise known as the “Beast”. Straight from Formula 1, super lightweight forged box pistons with an extremely hardwearing grafal coating make it highly resilient with a fantastic response.

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Compared to the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R of 2016, its intake has gained newly developed expansion chambers for even more refinement and smoother power delivery especially in the low and midrange. 118kW and a dry weight of only 216kg mean the new adventure bike offers breathtaking dynamism. Many riders will consider the torque delivery even more crucial: at 2500 rpm, 108 of the maximum 140Nm are available.

The riding assistance and comfort equipment of the 1290 Super Adventure R also leaves nothing to be desired. Its core highlight is without a doubt the Bosch MSC package in its top specification with integrated, lean-angle sensitive C-ABS (combined ABS). For absolute top levels of safe deceleration, it always automatically includes the rear brake whenever the 320mm twin Brembo front discs in the front wheel are used.

The system delivers maximum deceleration on the very limit of what is physically possible even at extreme lean angles. The perfect complement to that is the Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) which directly controls the engine’s power delivery, also with respect to the current lean angle. In addition, there is the KTM ride mode technology with different power delivery characteristics to choose from. Besides the well-known modes Sport, Street, Rain and Off, the 1290 Super Adventure R is equipped as standard with the Off-road Pack for these electronic systems.

In off-road mode, the ABS will allow locking up the rear wheel at will for controlled slides on lose surfaces. The ABS function on the front wheel is retained and controlled to a special set of parameters tuned to off-road riding. On the other side of the envelope, the Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) will allow up to 100 percent of rear wheel slippage for well-controlled drifting. In addition, the new KTM 1290 Super Adventure R also has a convenient standard cruise control.

With the cutting-edge KTM race on system, the electronic ignition key never needs to leave the rider’s pocket. Options include the Travel Pack, among others with the Hill Hold Control (HHC), the Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) and the quick shift+ for up and down shifting. Also included the KTM MY RIDE allows to receive incoming calls on the go as well as listening to music via an audio player function.

The 1090 Adventure R and 1290 Super Adventure R have an expected arrival of May 2017 with final specifications, colours and pricing being confirmed closer to then. See for all the latest information.