News 6 Oct 2016

Bike: 2017 Yamaha MT-10 SP

Yamaha gives MT-10 nakedbike top-level chassis and electronics.

For 2017 Yamaha are transferring the most advanced YZF-R1M supersport technology across to the nakedbike range. Featuring Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS), Thin Film Transistor (TFT) instrumentation and dedicated colouring, the new MT-10 SP represents the ultimate expression of power, control and aggression.

Following hot on the heels of the widely acclaimed MT-10 that has recently arrived in dealers’ showrooms, Yamaha has announced the imminent arrival of the new MT-10 SP, the most sophisticated model in the 2017 hypernaked range. Equipped with Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS), the new MT-10 SP brings YZF-R1M technology to this category, enabling nakedbike riders to experience the ultimate in chassis performance.

The MT-10 SP’s electronic suspension is controlled by a Suspension Control Unit (SCU), which analyses data from a series of sensors that monitor the riding conditions. The SCU calculates the optimal compression and rebound damping settings for the prevailing conditions, and the system’s stepping motors instantly make adjustments to achieve the optimal suspension set up.

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By constantly monitoring conditions and adjusting the settings while the bike is moving, the exclusive Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) gives the MT-10 SP rider access to the most technologically advanced electronic suspension to be featured on a nakedbike.

This new flagship of the nakedbike range is equipped with high tech Thin Film Transistor (TFT) instrumentation that enables the rider to view and digest a wide of range information. This YZF-R1M type multi-function LCD dash gives a superior high-definition display in full colour – and the rider can select dark or light backgrounds to suit daytime or nighttime riding.

To underline its exclusivity, the MT-10 SP is finished in a Silver Blu Carbon colour scheme that has been inspired by the limited-edition YZF-R1M supersport. Featuring blue wheels, a black front fender, gold coloured forks and silver bodywork, the MT-10 SP leaves no doubt that this is the ultimate Yamaha nakedbike.

At present, Australian availability and therefore final specifications, colours and pricing, are yet to be confirmed by Yamaha Australia but as soon as they are we will let you know. For more information on the Yamaha range, head to