Features 18 Oct 2016

Unplugged: Matt Walters

All kinds of questions with the Kawasaki Connection FX-ASC racer.

CycleOnline.com.au checks in with Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike Championship regular Matt Walters (Kawasaki Connection) to ask a host of questions on a variety of topics for the latest Unplugged interview.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Image: Russell Colvin.

My Way

Greatest moment of your career?

Greatest moment of my career would have to be winning the 2013 Australasian Superbike Championship in the Prostock championship in the one year when everything just aligned and everything just followed easy. Been a bit hard to do it again lately.

Toughest race ever?

It would have to be Wakefield Park last year in race three – I came second on the Sunday to Troy Herfoss, but also had Wayne Maxwell in the mix as well. I’ve never really liked Wakefield or got along with it at all. That was pretty confidence inspiring to know I could race with the top guys.

Long-term goal?

I would like to race in World Superbike or World Supersport. That would be the long-term goal of my whole racing career, if I can get there. There is definitely a lot of leaps and hurdles along the way, but that is where I would like to end up.

Favourite track?

Phillip Island, because it’s ballistically fast! I don’t mind Sydney Motorsport Park as well, as it’s close to home. It’s the track where I learned how to ride a road racing bike and I have just always enjoyed it.


Anyone who beats me is an arch-rival!

If you weren’t a racer, you would be?

I really don’t know to be honest, but definitely not a male model.

Greatest inspiration?

I don’t really have any, but in saying that I watched the Ayrton Senna movie the other day and that was pretty damn cool!


Nah I don’t believe in that bullsh*t!

Training methods?

I do train, but probably not as hard as I should. I do go to the gym a few nights a week and do cardio. I also go to the speedway and ride there. I do a fair bit of motocross riding on the Kawasaki KXF450, so I do a bit of training.

Off the Wall

Non bike-related hobbies?

I did play a bit of golf when I was in school. Bit of golf, but apart from that I don’t really do anything else than ride bikes.

What car do you drive?

I have a Holden SS Ute and a Holden V8 LX Torana.

What’s on the iPod?

Anything that is recent and is off channel V.

Best thing about racing in Australia?

Last few years the competition has been getting tougher and tougher which is good. On top of that, there’s no place like home!

Who will win WorldSBK this year?

I reckon, I have this weird feeling that it’s going to be Jonathan Rea.

And MotoGP (2017)?

I reckon Marc Marquez will go back-to-back and make it title number six.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

My first bike was a Yamaha, a PW50. I got it when I was four years old as a Christmas present.

First and Last

First bike?

Yamaha PW50

First proper injury?

A dislocated shoulder from hitting a road work track on my KXF450. They dug a rail way line and I didn’t see it in the morning and I went straight into it.

First time you got in a fight?

At school in year seven. I can’t remember the reason.

Last holiday?

We went to Fraser Island in July with a heaps of mates and my fiancés family. It was a very good week [laughs].

Last big crash you had?

2015 at Phillip Island on the Pedercini Kawasaki. I crashed at Doohan Corner, which hurt!

One or the Other

Faster circuits or more technical circuits?

Faster circuits. The Kawasaki Connection Repsol ZX10R has heaps of power!

Monster or Red Bull?

Monster. Bit bigger can and taste better after two of them.

PC or Mac?

Neither. I don’t have any of them.

McDonalds or KFC?

I would say, KFC.

MotoGP or WorldSBK?

MotoGP – it just seems more technical. Obviously the bikes are very different and they are built from the ground up, which makes them more different and interesting in regards to what they can do with them.

Print or digital magazines?

Digital magazines

Blonde or brunette?

Blonde – the missus is blonde [Laughs].