News 10 Nov 2016

Motorcycle racing suspended by Barbagallo Raceway operators

Safety concerns force indefinite closure to motorcycles.

Image: Keith Muir.

Image: Keith Muir.

Western Australia’s Barbagallo Raceway has been closed to motorcycle racing, ABC News has reported this evening, and there’s no indication of when it could reopen for two-wheel activities.

An incident last Saturday at the Kings of Wanneroo resulted in the death of local racer Chris Adley, becoming the sixth person fatally injured at Barbagallo Raceway in 16 years.

Adley’s passing came directly following the completion of a safety audit of the the 2.411-kilometre circuit, commissioned by the Department of Sport and Recreation in June.

Motorcycling Western Australia released a statement tonight confirming that motorcycle racing has been cancelled at Barbagallo Raceway, welcoming the commissioned report in accordance with Motorcycling Australia.

“MA and MWA have welcomed the DSR commissioned report – The Wanneroo Safety Enhancement Assessment – that allows the opportunity for us to improve our sport,” it stated.

“We take safety very seriously and are always looking at a continuous improvement processes that sees this occur. This report provides us with more valuable information to ensure the sport remains safe.

“Whilst we are assessing the contents of this report, we have taken the appropriate precautionary approach of ceasing motorcycle racing activities on this track. We will announce shortly when racing activities will resume.”

Barbagallo Raceway has a long history as its 50th anniversary approaches, most recently hosting a round of the Australian Superbike Championship in June this year.