News 12 Jan 2017

Urban Moto Imports takes on US challenge with MV Agusta

Australian distributor overseeing and developing MV Agusta USA.

Source: Supplied.

MV Agusta and Australian motorcycle importers Urban Motor Group have signed an agreement in relation to the development of the iconic Italian motorcycle brand in the US market.

Urban Motor Group’s motorcycle distribution arm, Urban Moto Imports, has MV Agusta, Royal Enfield and boutique brands Benelli, EBR, Confederate and Bimota all on its books.

Through a specific and dedicated business unit, and managed directly through Urban Motor Group CEO Joseph Elasmar, the US operations will develop and reinforce the MV Agusta brand position in the USA with a focus on building brand awareness and quality customer service.

Undoubtably MV Agusta recognised the experience and robust business model that has seen the Urban Moto Imports become the biggest distributor for MV Agusta and hugely improve Royal Enfield’s presence in Australian and New Zealand markets.

“For me and the company, I can say we are very excited with our new partner overseeing and developing USA,” said president of MV Agusta Giovanni Castiglioni. “Joseph and his distribution team have a remarkable track record in delivering a strong dealership network, backed with excellent customer service and dealer support.

“We are very confident they will usher in a new era for MV Agusta in the States, invigorating sales and passion for our motorcycles. This is just the beginning, we have plenty more surprises in 2017 and beyond.” said Castiglioni.

Media events, shows and customer experience days are being scheduled for 2017 with unveilings of new releases and limited special editions. This year MV Agusta USA will be inviting media to an upcoming conference in the first half and will welcome new introductions.

With an expected update to the dealer network in the coming months, the current MV Agusta USA head office in Pennsylvania will be joined by a second new office on the West Coast in California.