Features 8 Jun 2017

Countdown: Factors of Honda’s CRF250 RALLY

Four reasons we're excited to see this latest CRF arrive locally.

Recently landed in Australia, there are a stack of reasons to be excited about Honda’s modern new CRF250 Rally. Set for entry-level riders, but with a wide-range of versatile capabilities, here’s just a few of the reasons we can’t wait to ride one ourselves and also why you should be looking forward to coming across one as well!

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4. Price-point:
Honda’s flash new CRF250 RALLY packs a lot of punch for a bike available now for just $7299. Designed for weekend adventure, long-distance touring or the daily commute, the RALLY is the ideal entry-level adventure bike that Honda refers to as ‘The Dakar Replica: For the weekend adventurer!’. Using the CRF250L as its base, the RALLY has a wide range of changes that make it a unique proposition in the market and you can read more about it at www.hondacrf.com.au.

3. Factory appearance:
One thing that immediately stands out regarding the CRF250 RALLY is its modern looks that are in line with Honda Racing Corporation’s factory CRF450 RALLY contender. Large project leader, Eiji Sugiyama, explained: “The rally racer replica segment is an exciting one for us, with the global, human appeal of everything that Team HRC is fighting to achieve in the Dakar Rally. We really wanted to build on the capabilities of the CRF250L and open up new opportunities for riders young and old. So, with the CRF250 RALLY we set out to make a motorcycle that looks like HRC’s CRF450 RALLY factory machine, is fun to ride both on and off-road for weekend adventures, comfortable to tour with and useful and practical for daily life. It brings the spirit of rally-raid racing to every ride.”

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2. Proven package:
Since it’s based upon the bulletproof CRF250L trail-bike, many will be familiar with the base package of the CRF250 RALLY. As Mr. Sugiyama says above, the RALLY builds upon the capabilities of the L and should be even more appealing for a variety of reasons. The CRF250’s latest 249cc engine boasts an impressive dose of bottom-end torque and peak power from a revised PGM-FI and throttle body, plus a new airbox, connector tube and lightweight exhaust, combined with a chassis – including a higher seat height, ground clearance and longer suspension than the L – that can handle more than most riders are capable of throwing at it.

1. Adventurous versatility:
We’re all aware that low-capacity dual-purpose motorcycles are able to be utilised under all kinds of circumstances, but what’s particularly interesting about the CRF250 RALLY is that it’s somewhat beefed up to tackle more hardcore types of terrain, whether you’re keen on weekend adventures or long-distance touring, while still being suitable for the daily commute. User-friendly due to its base nature of the CRF250L, the styling DNA drawn directly from the Team HRC CRF450 RALLY Dakar racer is the first sign of its adventure characteristics that are sure to delight riders ‘around the world or around the block’. Factor in the windscreen, bodywork, powerful braking powers (including ABS at the rear that you can turn on or off), 10.1L fuel tank and, as Honda says, it’s good to go.