Features 20 Jul 2017

Countdown: Bikes designed for customisation

Five modern models that encourage unique customisation.

Motorcycles that are designed to be customised off the showroom floor have soared in popularity over recent years, and a selection of manufacturers have been getting behind the movement, offering bolt-on parts that riders can easily swap out to make their favoured ride truly unique. In this Countdown feature, CycleOnline.com.au has listed five models that have been built with customisation in mind.

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5. Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight:
The ever-popular Harley-Davidson Sporster range has lent itself to being one of most popular on the market, but to narrow it down to one bike, we’ve selected the bold Forty-Eight model. Harley-Davidson has a long history in custom builds, and offers a huge selection of its own branded parts that any Harley owner has access too, allowing everyone the opportunity to add their own special touch.

4. Yamaha XSR700:
LAMS legal, Yamaha’s XSR700 has been a common contributor to customisation as of late. The Sport Heritage model has a classy and cool retro design, packed with modern features. The bike has been built to be torn apart, with Yamaha offering an extensive line of bolt-on accessories that can really transform the look of the Japanese machine.

3. Triumph Thruxton:
Its classic design with a modern touch has been a deciding factor behind why the Triumph Thruxton is one of the British companies more popular models. The Thruxton screams to be individualised, and with a massive selection of custom parts available from Triumph themselves, very little is required to make the 1200cc motorcycle a very unique and personal machine.

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2. Scrambler Ducati:
Available in several style variations, the Scrambler Ducati has been made to change to what your taste desires. You can enhance the tough scrambler look with a few modifications thanks to Ducati’s accessories library, which allows you to transform the Italian machine with several minor touches. The Scrambler has soared in popularity since its inception, and there’s no questioning why.

1. Yamaha XSR900:
Spearheading Yamaha’s Sport Heritage range, and ‘big brother’ to the 700, is the high-powered XSR900. Based off the highly-popular MT-09 sports naked bike, the XSR900 boasts an incredible amount of modern features that make for pleasing ride, although it still maintains that classic and cool feel. Just like the 700, there’s an abundance of bolt-on parts from Yamaha to choose from, both performance and cosmetic.