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Bike: 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 and 800 range

Road and off-road focused models uncovered at EICMA.

Triumph has launched its brand new 2018 Tiger 1200 XC and XR line-up at EICMA in Milan, Italy, which are slated to be the most advanced Tiger models ever.

The all-new range is the latest addition to a legendary bloodline that began 80 years ago and has been purpose-built to handle the ultimate in on-road adventures and off-road challenges, with every single new technological innovation, engine enhancement, premium specification, and style update designed specifically to help deliver a perfect ride.

Triumph’s brand-new Tiger 1200 range has taken major steps forward with significant engineering and technological updates – the result is an even more responsive adventure bike that combines both maximum enjoyment on the road with complete confidence off-road.

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Purposeful, muscular and distinctive, the legendary 80-year Triumph Tiger bloodline is unmistakable throughout the range. The 1200’s silhouette now carries even more style with new premium bodywork details and finish, so there’s a Tiger for types of roads, riders and adventures. The new Tiger 1200 range sees a significant weight reduction of up to an incredible 10kg compared to the previous generation thanks to a range of developments across the engine, chassis and exhaust system.

This has improved each model’s responsiveness and dynamic capability even further, while significantly enhancing its agility and manoeuvrability – both on and off-road. The result is an engine that delivers all the power needed for complete freedom to ride anywhere and everywhere, with a high first major service interval of 10,000 miles (16,000 km).

Now even more fully loaded, no other Tiger range has ever boasted this level of state-of-the-art technology. Both XR and XC models include all-new innovative Triumph Adaptive Cornering Lighting for active enhanced visibility when cornering, updated cruise control, new adjustable full-colour TFT display screen, all-new LED lighting, new ergonomically sculpted backlit switchgear and heated grip function, new Triumph Shift Assist for smooth clutchless changes up and down the gearbox, rider-friendly keyless ignition on higher spec models, and an all-new ‘Off-Road Pro’ riding mode on the XC models.

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Maintaining its position as the most powerful shaft-driven engine in its class with an impressive 141ps, a significant new engine update gives the Tiger 1200 a more immediate power delivery lower down the rev range and an even better soundtrack. The new torque-laden 1200cc engine enables a breathtakingly smooth reliable delivery through the torque-assist clutch, helping rider control on all surfaces. Complementing these updates are silencer developments offering the same thrilling Tiger Triple sound through an even lighter system. This new generation of Tiger is single-mindedly bred to push every adventure further, in first-class comfort.

A new seat compound, revised handlebar positioning and updated frame geometry enhances rider ergonomics for a more commanding riding position and ultra long-distance comfort. All improvements including the new off-road tyre specifications have been carefully chosen to improve rider enjoyment. New elegant sculpted bodywork and stylish wheel specifications enhance the presence and muscular style of the new model, while new metallic badges, signature LED lighting and contemporary graphics create eye-catching points of interest. The Tiger 1200’s even higher quality finish includes wet-painted engine covers that contrast with the black crinkle-effect crank cases and titanium coloured powder-coated frame.

On top of the new generation state-of-the-art technology, the new Tiger 1200 range offers a huge choice of ‘core’ features, innovations and benefits to deliver a superior riding experience – fully integrated management systems controlled by an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), integrated braking system (developed with Continental), optimised cornering ABS & traction control, hill hold, ride-by-wire throttle, and up to six riding modes to configure the motorcycle to suit its terrain at the press of a button. An electrically-adjustable windscreen, heated equipment, and power sockets make every journey even more comfortable.

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The new Tiger also maintains its premium levels of finesse with high specification Brembo brakes, adjustable WP suspension controlled by Triumph’s Semi-Active Suspension technology, a two-position seat height (835-855mm), adjustable by 20mm to suit riding style and terrain, and a Low Ride Height XRx model variant that at 815-835mm is 20mm lower than the standard seat.

In addition, the entire Tiger 1200 line-up is also backed by an extensive range of dedicated accessories including all-purpose aluminium luggage giving you the load capacity for any trip and to take you anywhere, any time. The new XR line-up is tailor-made to deliver the ultimate on-road/off-road adventure – from the base model XR, to the mid-specification XRx and the highest specification XRT. An XRx Low Ride Height model is also available, making the Tiger 1200 even more accessible to every adventurer.

The new XC line-up has been specifically designed to respond to the most challenging of adventures thanks to a range of specialised off-road features offering even more rough terrain capability, from the XCx to the highest specification XCA.

2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 XC and XR key features:
– Triumph Shift Assist.
– Adaptive Cornering Lighting.
– Arrow titanium and carbon fibre silencer.
– All-LED lighting.
– Five-inch adjustable TFT instruments.
– Backlit handlebar switch cubes and five-way joystick control.
– Off-road Pro riding mode.
– Keyless ignition.
– Updated cruise control.

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The new, significantly updated Tiger 800 XC and XR family has once again pushed the boundaries of this world-renowned range with over 200 chassis and engine upgrades. These are complemented by a suite of major off-road improvements that work hand-in-hand with carefully crafted on-road enhancements.

Triumph has specifically targeted improvements to technology, comfort, and style alongside the introduction of a new generation engine that maximises the rider experience. As a result, the new Tiger 800 is better in every way – both on the road and off road.

Every new Tiger 800 represents a huge step-up in rider technology with improvements including full-colour TFT instruments, up to six riding modes, high-specification Brembo front brakes, optimised suspension configurations, handlebar-mounted switchcubes incorporating elegant backlit buttons, distinctive signature all-LED lighting, updated cruise control, enhanced chassis, and premium bodywork.

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A mass-optimised 800cc triple engine now gives more immediate power delivery and a peak power output of 95PS. It has even more character and a lighter exhaust system with a sportier soundtrack that together transform the new generation engine. There is a new, shorter ratio first gear to enhance off-road traction, all-road low speed responsiveness, and more immediate acceleration that gives the rider a truly thrilling feel. In addition, the new Off-Road Pro riding mode on the XC models allows an advanced rider to take complete control off road.

Triumph has enhanced the rider ergonomics across the whole Tiger 800 range. This includes moving the handlebars back by 10mm for a more commanding riding position, higher specification Brembo front brakes, Showa adjustable suspension, new handbook-approved off-road tyre specification fitment, new five-position adjustable windscreen and aero diffusers for segment-leading aero protection, and a new seat compound giving all-day riding comfort.

Tiger signature styling is now even stronger across the latest 800 range. New premium bodywork includes high quality painted finishes with updated side panel designs, along with higher quality badges, graphics and detailing to deliver real presence. This also gives each Tiger a more contemporary and dynamic stance that highlights the on and off-road bias of each model, while retaining the distinctive and instantly recognisable Tiger 800 silhouette.

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The Tiger 800’s trademark handling and category-defining core technologies are the foundation of this bike’s superb riding experience. All the Tigers’ essential adventure standards are maintained with ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, cruise control, heated seats and grips (on selected models), power sockets, and a two-position seat height (810-830mm on XR models, 840-860mm on XC models) adjustable by 20mm to suite riding style and terrain, and a low ride height XRx model variant that at 760mm is 50mm lower than the standard XR range of seats.

From the road-focused Tiger XR, mid spec XRX and range topping XRT, to the off-road hungry Tiger XCX and fully-loaded XCA – not forgetting the XRx low ride height model – there is a Tiger 800 for every person, every ride and every adventure.

2018 Triumph Tiger 800 XC and XR key features:
– Five-inch adjustable TFT instruments.
– New all-LED lighting.
– Switchcubes and five-way joystick.
– Illuminated backlit buttons.
– Off-Road Pro riding mode.
– Brembo front brakes.
– Five-way adjustable wind screen and aero diffusers.
– Updated cruise control.

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