News 9 Nov 2017

Bike: 2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

Single cylinder machine headlines Husqvarna's street bike re-entry.

Husqvarna confirmed its re-entry into the street bike sector at EICMA in Milan, Italy, unveiling its production version of the Vitpilen 701.

Impressing both the media and the public during its first launch as a prototype in 2015, it has now reached production and is expected to be available in the first months of 2018. Bringing about a new era of motorcycling for the sophisticated urban traveller, the Vitpilen 701 perfectly mixes enjoyable performance for novice and expert riders with a simple yet progressive design and a unique style.

Largely inspired by the brand’s Swedish heritage, the Vitpilen 701 is a modern motorcycle that features some of the most state-of-the-art technology available. From the trellis frame to the powerful single cylinder motor or the standard WP suspension and Brembo brakes, this machine is bristling with premium components.

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The Vitpilen 701 is powered by a modern 692.7 cc liquid cooled, single-cylinder engine that features the latest design and electronics technology. With a peak horsepower of 55kW (75hp) and 72Nm of torque at 6750 rpm, there is no doubting this bike’s performance potential. The electronic fuel injection is operated by a ride-by-wire system and delivers immediate, sharp and refined power. Innovative technical solutions guarantee reliability and efficiency, which contribute to the long 10,000 km service intervals.

The exhaust system on the Vitpilen 701 comprises two parts, a pre-silencer made from steel, and a final silencer, which is finished off with a black coating. The design is integrated in the Vitpilen style and importantly, also ensures the Vitpilen 701 meets strict emissions regulations.

The suspension on the Vitpilen 701 is produced by WP performance systems and is made to exacting standards, ensuring the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. The front suspension features upside down 43 mm forks, while the rear features a monoshock, connected via a linkage to the swingarm. The high-quality components are fully adjustable for constantly changing urban environments.

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The bike is fitted with hydraulic Brembo disk brake callipers, which are manufactured to the highest standards, and in combination with 320mm front and 240mm rear perforated steel discs, deliver controllable and confident braking performance. The machine is also fitted with a state-of-the-art Bosch ABS system, ensuring the highest level of safety in varying braking conditions. This function can be fully disengaged for more advanced riders.

The design idea is to strip away all unnecessary gimmicks and create a simple, progressive mix of classic thinking and modern design. This way of thinking is synonymous with the Swedish heritage of Husqvarna Motorcycles and can be clearly seen on the VITPILEN 701. The lightweight and narrow bodywork is shaped into the 701’s progressive design and intelligently allows for seamless movement while riding.

Lightweight 17-inch cast alloy wheels are a design highlight of the bike. The wheels offer a unique sense of style and ensure high levels of strength and durability with minimal unsprung weight. The Husqvarna logo is embedded into the wheel, discreetly highlighting the attention to detail on the Vitpilen.

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Integrated within the bodywork is a progressive design feature known as ‘the split’. This yellow division runs diagonally from top to bottom and starts from the rear of the fuel tank, down to the exhaust hanger. This element is unique to Husqvarna and further showcases the brand’s pioneering design direction.

The seat of the model uses high-quality foam and Mokka leather fabric, which, despite its reduced appearance, remains comfortable for the rider. Extending from the main bodywork and seamlessly floating above the rear wheel, the seat forms part of the minimalistic rear subframe, which adds to the unique riding experience the motorcycle 701 provides.

Clip-on handlebars attach to forged aluminium triple clamps, central to the VITPILEN 701 style. In keeping with the minimalistic look of the simple and progressive design. The control zone is not obstructed by any fairings and simply features a digital display unit with the necessary information.

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The premium LED headlight on the Vitpilen conveys an unmistakable look. Around the circumference is a daytime running light, making the bike clearly visible in all conditions.The LED tail light is integrated within the sleek bodywork and gives the rear end a clean, uninterrupted appearance.

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