Interviews 12 Dec 2017

Unplugged: Corey Turner

A selection of topics with the ASBK premier class newcomer.

Words: Russell Colvin

Image: Russell Colvin.

My Way

Greatest moment of your career?

It would definitely have to be this year when I scored that podium finish at Morgan Park. It was my first podium finish in the Australian Superbike category and DesmoSport Ducati’s first podium finish since 2016.

Toughest race ever?

The Suzuka 8 Hours. The team I was with only had two riders, so we were doing hour on, hour off stints for the whole race – it was just a killer.

Long-term goal?

To be a Superbike champion – whether that’s national or somewhere overseas, but I think to win a Superbike championship would be pretty awesome!

Favourite track?

Valencia – just everything is perfect. The track, the ripple strips, even the grass is, everything is just perfect.


Everyone on track is an arch-rival.

If you weren’t a racer, you would be?

Russell Colvin’s personal assistant!

Greatest inspiration?

Casey Stoner – he’s just the best of the best.


Nah, none at all.

Training methods?

Just whatever I can. It’s hard now that I’m working five to six days a week. I do more cycling now that I have a push-bike and I also do gym work as I now have my own gym at home.

Off the Wall

Non bike-related hobbies?

Water-skiing, I love it!

What car do you drive?

A Holden SV6 ute.

What’s your preferred music?

Old school, such as classic rock.

Best thing about racing in Australia?

Being able to speak English.

Who will win WorldSBK this year?

Chaz Davies, he’s on a Ducati.

How about MotoGP?

I would have to go with [Marc] Marquez.

First and Last

First bike?

A Yamaha PW50. I even raced dirt track on one of them too.

First proper injury?

My first proper injury was a broken left wrist in 2011 when I went to the Red Bull Rookies trial in Spain.

First time you got in a fight?

Year eight at school.

Last holiday?

I live on the Gold Coast – every day is a holiday up here!

Last big crash you had?

Phillip Island in September while testing for the DesmoSport Ducati team ahead of the final round of the ASBK.

One or the Other

Faster circuits or more technical circuits?

Faster, just because of Spain. All the tracks over there are fast and flowing compared to here in Australia where they are all tight and not as fast.

Monster or Red Bull?

Depends on who wants to give me free stuff.

PC or Mac?


McDonalds or KFC?

Micky Ds.

MotoGP or WorldSBK?

MotoGP, for sure!

Print or digital magazines?

What type of magazines are we talking about here [laughs]! We’ll say digital.

Blonde or brunette?

Blonde, because blondes have more fun [laughs].