Multimedia 4 May 2018

Viral: 2018 Tenere 700 World Raid stage one

Yamaha's striking prototype in action at the Australian Tenere Tragics.

The 2018 Tenere 700 World Raid kicked off in Australia during March, where the tour’s first ambassador, Yamalube Official Yamaha Rally Team rider Rodney Faggotter, has the local knowledge of the continent. Faggotter has a decade-long history riding Yamahas both for official and independent teams, carrying a weight of experience with him that’s hard to beat having battled the odds and elements to conquer the mighty Dakar Rally at the start of this year. He hooked up with Australia’s own Tenere Tragics – a specialist tour full of Tenere bikes from throughout the years – on-board the Tenere 700 World Raid prototype machine in Hervey Bay, Queensland.