News 10 May 2018

Changes herald new era

Yamaha Motor Australia press release:

Yamaha Motor Australia is pleased to announce a major management restructure.

The changes introduce a new era with a fresh direction hallmarked by open relations with stakeholders.

The changes began at the start of 2018 with the retirement of Managing Director Steven Cottrell after 36 years with the tuning fork brand. More recently, MC and ATV Divisional Manager Denis Roberts has left the company, and Director and Chief Operating Officer Andrew Carruthers has accepted a key role in Yamaha Motor Europe starting 1 June 2018.

Current Group General Manager of Financial Services, Brad Ryan, replaces Carruthers as YMA Director and Chief Operating Officer.

Ryan takes over the divisions of sales and marketing for both MC/ATV and marine, service and franchising. Ryan also continues as General Manager of the financial services companies.

Current Chief Financial Officer Darryl Lovegrove is also promoted to YMA Director. Lovegrove continues his role as CFO and heads up the divisions of administration, human resources, IT, spare parts and Ficeda.

“The changes introduce a new direction to YMA,” explains outgoing Director and COO Andrew Carruthers. “We are adopting a fresh approach to revitalise the brand by empowering the next generation of management,” he adds.

“We aim to build relationships with key stakeholders and to invest in our staff so they can act quickly and decisively to reconnect the brand with those closest to it,” continues Carruthers.

“YMA has always been a customer focused company. These changes should ensure an even closer connection to the people who buy and use Yamahas,” he ends.