News 24 May 2018

Reach for the stars

Yamaha Motor Australia press release:

Yamaha’s LAMs approved V-Star 650 cruiser has been a perennial favourite for new riders keen to experience the freedom of the open road.

Star cruisers XVS650A Classic and XVS650 Custom are built in Japan with supreme build quality and clockwork reliability. These timeless classic machines feature real steel and thick lustrous chrome – and with a five year warranty the 650 Stars are ready to deliver a long lasting love affair with two wheels.

Popular over a number of years, the XVS650 shaft drive V-twins are set to appeal to a whole new generation of riders with a generous $2000 price rollback. The latest models are available now at the following incredible value:

Model Was Now
XVS650A Classic $11,299 $9299
XVS650 Custom $10,799 $8799

V-Star 650s are built to last and much like another classic of the automotive world, are available in any colour. As long as it’s black