News 31 Aug 2018

Two new sports tourers released

Yamaha Motor Australia press release:

Yamaha is pleased to announce the availability of the new heavily revised 2018 Tracer 900 and Tracer 900 GT.

Launched three years ago, the Tracer 900 has quickly become established as the definitive Sport Tourer in the growing sub-1000cc class.

Now for 2018, major upgrades are designed to build on Tracer’s strengths as one of today’s most versatile and exciting all rounders. And the lightweight triple is now available in both standard variant without panniers and GT with panniers and more.

For 2018 Yamaha’s team of designers have concentrated on reinforcing the much loved strengths and values of the Tracer 900, while also introducing a range of updates and changes that are aimed at enhancing the bike’s touring potential – as well as delivering an even more refined, high quality product.

Improved wind protection and refined body
There’s a larger windscreen that offers better upper body weather protection for a more relaxing and enjoyable ride on longer journeys – and with its manual height adjustment facility, it can be quickly set to the desired position. For enhanced passenger comfort the 2018 model also features a revised passenger footrest assembly together with the newly designed grab bars.

Yamaha’s designers have also made subtle but efficient revisions to all of the body panels and covers in order to improve the overall look, feel and quality of the 2018 model. A new air intake area on the front cowl gives a more refined appearance, and the design of the fuel tank’s sidepanels and sidewings are also revised to enhance the overall style.

Revised rear geometry for improved touring
For 2018 the Tracer 900 is equipped with a newly designed aluminium swingarm (left) as well as revised rear shock settings to further enhance the bike’s touring performance, allowing the installation of genuine hard side cases.

Increased rider and passenger comfort
Both the rider’s and passenger’s seats are new for 2018, and as well as giving higher levels of comfort, they also enhance the premium look and feel of the Tracer 900. The rider’s seat can be adapted for height in two positions, high and low, to accommodate your personal riding style. Plus, there’s a soft pad on the tank for added rider comfort on longer journeys.

The Tracer 900 also benefits from narrower handlebars together with slimmer and lighter hand guards (above right). The new layout gives a more natural riding position for added comfort, and the new handlebars help to keep the rider’s arms out of the airflow at higher speeds – and the reduced width also helps to improve the bike’s lane filtering abilities – where permitted.

2018 Tracer 900 new features
• More refined, high quality body panel design
• Narrower handlebars with lighter and slimmer hand guards
• Newly designed seating for increased rider/passenger comfort
• New 1-hand adjustable windscreen for better weather protection
• Revised rear geometry for improved touring characteristics
• New passenger footrest assembly gives greater comfort
• New passenger grab bars
• New rear fender

Tracer 900 technical highlights
• 847cc, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-valve engine
• Assist and Slipper (A&S) clutch
• 3-mode Traction Control System (TCS)
• Tracer-specific D-MODE selectable running modes
• Slim and lightweight CF die-cast aluminium frame
• Large capacity long-range 18-litre fuel tank
• Main stand and ABS fitted as standard equipment

2018 Tracer 900GT – Premium specification comes standard
Joining Yamaha’s Sport Touring range for 2018 is the Tracer 900GT, a new model that comes with a premium specification as standard. Developed from the Tracer 900 and sharing the same 2018 specification upgrades, the Tracer 900GT is designed to offer sport touring riders the ultimate package at a competitive price.

Genuine hard side cases fitted as standard
The Tracer 900GT comes fitted with quickly detachable 22-litre genuine hard side cases as standard (right), allowing its rider to get up and go from day one.

Full colour TFT instrument panel
Tracer 900GT riders get a unique view from the cockpit, with the latest TFT (Thin Film Transistor) instrument panel (right). Featuring a full colour display, these high specification instrument panel comes with a comprehensive range of information, including gear position indicator, ambient temperature, coolant temperature, current riding mode, fuel gauge and fuel consumption.

Premium suspension
The Tracer 900GT is equipped with a premium suspension package that features fully adjustable front forks offering the rider the ability to set their bike up to suit different loads and conditions. These fully adjustable forks come with a beautiful gold finish.

For easy and convenient suspension set up when carrying a passenger or luggage, the Tracer 900GT features a remote preload adjuster for the rear shock. It’s the quick and effective way to set the bike up.

Quick Shift System (QSS)
The Tracer 900GT’s Quick Shift System transforms acceleration performance of the bike by allowing the rider to make seamless clutchless upshifts. Based on the system used on the latest MT-09, the QSS gives this premium Sport Tourer an even more exciting character that’s sure to be appreciated by performance minded riders.

Cruise control
The Tracer 900GT also benefits from the fitment of a cruise control system as standard equipment (right). It’s the same system that’s used on the MT-10, and can be set to control the riding speed in fourth, fifth and sixth gear when riding between 50 km/h and 180 km/h. This system is operated by a switch on the left handlebar cluster, and can be used to increase or decrease cruising speed in 2 km/h increments.

Advantages include reduced right arm and hand fatigue on long journeys, and also being able to maintain a constant speed when riding on hilly or uneven roads – as well as being able to set a speed that complies with speed limits that are 40 km/h or above. The system is automatically cancelled by the application of brakes, clutch or throttle, and features a resume button that allows the rider to reset to the previous setting.

Heated grips
The Tracer 900GT is an all weather, all season motorcycle that’s built to get across continents, and the provision of heated grips is a real bonus for the serious Sport Touring rider.

2018 Tracer 900GT exclusive features
• Hard side cases fitted as standard
• Full colour TFT instrument panel (Thin Film Transistor)
• Fully adjustable gold coloured upside down front forks
• Rear shock with remote preload adjuster
• Quick Shift System (QSS) for seamless upshifting
• Cruise Control
• Heated grips

Tracer 900GT technical highlights
• 847cc, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-valve engine
• Assist and Slipper (A&S) clutch
• 3-mode Traction Control System (TCS)
• Tracer-specific D-MODE selectable running modes
• Slim and lightweight CF die-cast aluminium frame
• Large capacity long-range 18-litre fuel tank
• Main stand and ABS fitted as standard equipment