News 14 Sep 2018

Product: 2018 Oxford Tank Clamp

Oil, chemical and temperature resistant grip now available across the country.

Ficeda Accessories, the Australian distributor of Oxford, has announced the release of its universal Tank Clamp, which is now available in dealerships and online retailers across the country.

The interface between the inside of your leg and the tank is crucial for stability, confidence and control – if you can stabilise the rider, you can stabilise the bike. Once the bike is stable, greater confidence and control will result in better cornering.

oxford tank clamp

Source: Supplied.

The Tank Clamp is an oil, chemical and temperature resistant fuel tank grip set. The properties of the Tank Clamp material make it ideal for use with textile riding pants. The provide paintwork protection along with excellent levels of grip and performance.

Each pack contains two grips with pre-moulded cut line, allowing for a custom fit, while it can be securely stuck down with a top quality 3M adhesive.

Priced at RRP $64.95, you can find more information by visiting