News 25 Sep 2018

Product: 2018 Repsol Moto Silicone spray

Enhance your motorcycle with Repsol's silicone-based cleaner spray.

Monza Imports, the Australian distributor of Repsol motorcycle lubricants, has introduced its Moto Silicone spray to the Australian market.

The silicone-based cleaner spray enhances the sheen on the rubber parts of the motorcycle. It is especially designed to cover and protect all rubber, soft plastic and synthetic leather surfaces. It protects them from the sun and rain and restores their original lustre.

repsol silicone spray

Source: Supplied.

It is a direct-use product that coats surfaces with a shiny, protective film. Moto Silicone spray keeps off dust and repels humidity, enhancing the colours of your motorcycle.

Priced at RRP $18.95 for a 400ml bottle, the spray can now be purchased from participating dealers and online retailers around the country. For more information, visit