Features 28 May 2019

Q&A: 2019 Moto Guzzi V85 TT arrival

Questions answered on the newly-introduced adventure bike.

Introduced as a concept in 2017 and confirmed for production in 2018, the Moto Guzzi V85 TT has finally landed in the country. In this edition of Q&A, CycleOnline.com.au answers burning questions about the interesting motorcycle in its Australia arrival.

Image: Supplied.

Q: The Moto Guzzi V85 TT is an all-new motorcycle for the brand, what makes it so interesting?

A: The Moto Guzzi brand itself is interesting, having such a rich history in motorcycle development, production and of course, racing. The V85 TT marks a new era in the manufacturers modern state, as it enters the adventure bike market for the very first time. The entire Moto Guzzi range is rich with its Italian heritage, and the V85 TT is no different, taking styling cues from the V65 TT contender that challenged the Paris-Dakar rally during the ’80s.

Q: It’s been dubbed a ‘Classic Enduro’ by the manufacturer, but can it actually go off-road?

A: Absolutely! By no means could this machine take on the Dakar, but it is capable – and designed – to handle the elements of off-road riding. The V85 TT is a modern adventure bike built for long journeys on or off-road, and as such, it’s been equipped with a 23-litre tank, hand guards and a front mud guard, while the suspension offers generous travel for comfortable off-road use. Both the fork and shock are both adjustable in terms of shock preload and hydraulic rebound, plus there’s also significant engine ground clearance of 210mm, protected by an aluminium sump guard.

Image: Supplied.

Q: What sort of powerplant is it equipped with?

A: The V85 TT introduces a new Moto Guzzi engine. Its configuration mirrors that of all Moto Guzzi bikes in production today – an air-cooled transverse 90-degree V-twin with OHV distribution and two valves per cylinder, the pride and tradition of the Mandello Eagle while boasting a 853cc capacity. The 850 is able to deliver a maximum power of 80hp, as well as an impressive maximum torque value of 80Nm at 5000 rpm, with 90 percent of the torque already available at 3750 rpm, in keeping with the tradition of the Mandello twin, which has always offered excellent drive even at very low revs. This is the first Moto Guzzi small block engine that can easily reach 8000rpm.

Q: Any other notable features?

A: For sure! As previously stated, the V85 TT is a modern adventure bike fitted with modern features. Moto Guzzi has designed a complete range of standard electronic equipment, without any inopportune technological overload, for maximum travel enjoyment. To make life on board easier and safer, Moto Guzzi introduces three different riding modes on the V85 TT: Road, Rain and Off-road. Each of these Riding Modes corresponds to a different engine mapping and a different calibration of the MGCT traction control (can be disabled) and ABS, as well as a different response from the Ride-by-Wire throttle control. Completing the electronics package is also cruise control.

Q: When is it available, and how much for?

A: Good news, it’s now available in Moto Guzzi dealerships across the country! Two colour schemes will be on offer for Australian rider, and pricing is confirmed at $18,890 (plus on road costs) for the Grigio Atacama single colour scheme and $19,590 (plus on road costs) for the evocative Giallo Sahara tri-colour version. For more information, visit www.motoguzzi.com/au.