News 20 Aug 2019

Detailed: 2019 Macna Exile glove

Winter sports touring glove now available across Australia.

Link International, the Australian distributor of Macna, has announced the release of the 2019 Exile winter glove, which is now available at participating dealers and online retailers around the country.

Most sports touring gloves are condition-specific – they perform well in the winter, yet not when it’s hot and humid, or vice versa. However, the Exile is equally happy in the cold or in the heat, in the dry or in the wet.

As you’d expect with Macna, this glove has extremely high levels of safety with an ultra-tough Goat leather and Durylon outer combining with TPR knuckle and finger protection and EVA palm and thumb reinforcement.

macna exile glove

Image: Supplied.

When you add a 100 percent waterproof and breathable Raintext liner plus Bemberg and Isofur thermal insulation layers you can see Macna has created possibly the ultimate all-weather sports touring glove.

Additional features and benefits are an ergo-thumb design for maximum comfort and throttle control, ‘touch tip’ in the fingers for operating smart screens without having to remove the gloves, a 30-degree buckle system for ease of fitment which combines with the cuff and wrist straps for secure comfort and safety. Finally, an index finger screen cleaner ensures easy clearance of water or mist from your visor in nasty weather conditions.

The Macna Fugitive is available in sizes small to 3X-large at RRP $149.95. For more information, visit