News 20 Jul 2020

Possible nerve damage a major concern in Marquez injury

Surgery on arm injury scheduled for Tuesday in Barcelona.

Image: Supplied.

Reigning MotoGP champion Marc Marquez will undergo critical surgery on his broken right humerus bone sustained in his vicious high-side at Jerez, however, the extent of potential nerve damage is yet to be determined.

After producing a miracle save at turn four and then staging an unbelievable comeback to P3, Marquez crashed heavily at turn three with four laps of the drama-packed race remaining.

“Marc Marquez has suffered an injury, it seems, from a direct impact of the tyre to the right arm, resulting in a fracture to the shaft of the humerus, a complete fracture although it isn’t completely displaced, with some possible paralysis of the radial nerve, although we’re not certain,” said MotoGP traumatology specialist Dr Xavier Mir. “This injury has been immobilised here for when they decide to move him to Barcelona to carry out a definitive treatment.”

MotoGP medical director Dr Angel Charte also offered information on the Repsol Honda rider: “Tomorrow Dr Mir will leave for Barcelona to proceed with treatment, if there is no more news regarding the tissue, to surgically treat the humerus. That being said, we can’t say in any absolute terms if he will be at the next race or Brno or Austria. It’s not the moment, we’ll talk about it next week.”

With the world championship due to continue again in Spain this coming weekend at Jerez, the title defence of Marquez will largely depend on the outcome of his scheduled surgery and any resulting nerve damage suffered when struck by the RC213V in the incident.

Marquez has been hospitalised at Jerez and will then travel to the Hospital Universitari Dexeus in Barcelona on Monday, aiming to be operated on by Dr Mir and his team on Tuesday in hope of beginning his recovery and planning a return to competition.