News 26 Aug 2020

West suspension extended by six months into 2021

Further sanction from FIM due to racing in Brazil while being suspended.

Image: Supplied.

The suspension of Anthony West has been extended by six months due to the Queenslander participating in multiple rounds of the Brazilian Superbike Championship last year.

West, 39, was suspended between 17 January 2019 and 14 September 2020, however, that has now been extended by the FIM International Disciplinary Court (CDI) to 14 March 2021.

In the framework of a decision rendered by the FIM International Disciplinary Court (CDI) on 28 January 2019, Mr Anthony West was sanctioned with a period of ineligibility of two years running from 17 January 2019 until 14th September 2020. (i.e Mr. West was tested positive for a prohibited substance under the heading ‘S6 Stimulants’ of the list of prohibited substances of the FIM Anti-Doping Code).

Accordingly, and pursuant to article 10.12.1 CAD, Mr West was banned from participating in any capacity in any competition or activity during the period of ineligibility decided by the CDI.

During his period of ineligibility Mr West participated in several rounds of the Brazilian Superbike Championship. The CDI has considered that the participation of Mr West in the aforementioned motorcycling competitions constituted violations of the prohibition against participation during ineligibility and has imposed to Mr. West a new period of ineligibility of 6 months starting from 15 September 2020 and ending on 14 March 2021, in accordance with article 10.12.3 CAD.

An appeal against this decision may be lodged before the Court for Arbitration for Sport within 21 days. Under the World Anti-Doping Code and the FIM Anti-Doping Code, the FIM is unable to provide any additional information at this time.

West has publicly labelled the FIM corrupt during his troubled times (that post since deleted from social media), choosing to compete in Brazil since that series isn’t affiliated with the FIM and then announcing last June that he was quitting the sport.