Features 1 Sep 2020

Fast Thoughts: Wayne Maxwell

Pragmatic Victorian concedes an ASBK season in 2020 may not happen.

Words: Matt O’Connell

After such a dominate display at Phillip Island, Wayne Maxwell and the Boost Mobile McMartin Racing team face the very real prospect of not being able to challenge for the 2020 Mi-Bike Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) title. With strict COVID-19 restrictions in place throughout Victoria, training opportunities are also severely limited with no end in sight. In what must be a frustrating time for the entire ASBK paddock, CycleOnline checked in with the pragmatic Victorian to get his Fast Thoughts.

Image: Russell Colvin

Last time riding the Ducati V4 R…

The last time I was able to get on the bike was in April. I went to Sydney for a ride day and before that it was the Wakefield Park test. It’s been few and far between. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like, but probably the worst thing is not knowing when the next time will be, that’s the biggest challenge mentally.

State of mind and motivation currently…

I’m so keen to ride and can’t stop thinking about it, to be honest. The biggest thing in Victoria at the moment is that we don’t even know when stage four restrictions will be lifted and we have to get to stage two before we can even think about starting to ride. There could potentially be another month of stage four, then another month of stage three, so it’s looking like the end of October before we can even think about it.

Image: Russell Colvin

Chances of the ASBK season happening…

ASBK just sent out a survey and we were asked about how we felt about potentially racing this year. It would be different if we were in Queensland, I’d be able to ride, but for everyone else that hasn’t had the chance to get on the bike, to try and start the championship back up with still so many unknowns in relation to lockdown, it’s tough. Realistically, people that have been in lockdown in Victoria are going to need four-to-six weeks to test and get equipment ready. I don’t think there is a possible timeline for that to happen, to be honest.

The McMartin Racing team…

We’re okay. The biggest thing is moving forward for next year and working out whether there is an option to stay with Craig on the Ducati or if I need to look at something else. There are just so many unknowns. At the moment I can’t even visit family that are more than five kilometres from my house, but I still can’t stop thinking about racing and I’m looking forward to opening the throttle on the Ducati, that’s for sure!

Prospect of not even being able to fight for the title this year…

I’m alright with it, I’m frustrated in the sense that we had our competitors on the back foot. I think it’s let them off the hook a bit, but having said that, we’ve still got improvements to make on the V4 with my riding and adapting to the bike. I can’t wait to take on the challenge to improve myself and the level here in Australia.

Positives at this time…

Spending time with the family has been so good, that’s definitely the big positive. If you just look at the negatives from this whole situation it will just eat you up. You have to take the positives out of it, control the things you can control and don’t worry about the rest.