Advice 27 Apr 2022

Detailed: 2023 GasGas SM 700 and ES 700

Playful and vibrant models to bring fun to the streets.

GasGas has introduced the all-new SM 700 and ES 700 supermoto and enduro bikes, which add a new flavour to the streets with powerful single-cylinder motors, razor-sharp handling, and the latest rider aids to maximise the fun during both street and off-road adventures.

The introduction of the GasGas SM 700 and the GasGas ES 700 is all about bringing something a little different to the party and delivering bikes that put a smile on people’s faces. With distinct, reliable, high-performance bikes that reflect the brand’s Spanish heritage and fun-loving personality, every kind of rider is welcomed and encouraged to Get On The Gas.

GasGas street bikes benefit from an agile, high-performance technical base. Designed to deliver the very best handling, and constructed at the lowest possible weight, the chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame ensures razor-sharp cornering and straight-line stability.

Further enhancing the riding experience is a die-cast aluminium swingarm that offers the right amount of flex to transfer the unrestricted power to the ground, while a 13.5 litre fuel tank integrated into the polyamide subframe keeps the centre of gravity as low as possible.

For total control and stability when drifting into the corners, the latest Bosch ABS systems and a PASC slipper clutch balance the bike perfectly for precise turning.

The beating heart of SM 700 and ES 700 is the motors that produce a peak 74 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and pump out serious torque numbers. Beneath the fresh red livery – which aligns these street models with the GasGas EC and MC off-road line-up – there are state-of-the-art electronics to ensure precise throttle response with power on tap, while smooth shifting up and down the six-speed gearbox is assured thanks to the integrated quick-shifter.

Complete with the latest EURO 5 compliant exhaust systems, advanced ride modes, and assembled with quality components throughout, the GasGas SM 700 and ES 700 deliver pure riding pleasure, both on and off the road.

Looking at the ES 700 specifically, it’s built to deliver versatility to the max. On the ES 700 all riders can explore remote trails, enjoy mixed-surface adventures, or simply add a little more fun to their daily commute.

A playful, do-it-all dual-sport performer, the GasGas ES 700 mixes high-quality, street-legal performance with proven offroad capabilities to proudly bring the playful and vibrant GasGas attitude to the street.

The SM 700 brings single-cylinder fun to any daily commute. It’s a big-bore supermoto that guarantees riders will always arrive with a smile on their face.

With punchy power that’s perfect for lively urban street riding, the SM 700 delivers class-leading performance, dynamic on-road handling, advanced electronics, together with a vibrant GaSGas look.

Riders can build their dream GasGas ES 700 or SM 700 by using the GasGas clever configurator, allowing parts and accessories to be added to personalise each machine.

The new SM 700 and ES 700 will be available on authorised GASGAS dealer floors from August 2022 onwards in Australia and New Zealand. Further information about each model can be found at