News 6 Dec 2023

Demmery steps to Supersport in 2024 with RaceDNA

First test complete with Kawasaki ZX636 on Monday at The Bend.

Image: Foremost Media.

RaceDNA will step up to the Supersport class next year with former Australian champion Brandon Demmery onboard a Kawasaki ZX636.

Demmery, 26, joined the team ahead of the final two rounds in the 2023 campaign, ultimately concluding the season with P3 in the Supersport 300 Championship standings and fourth place result in the R3 Cup standings.

The number 11 last competed on a 600 in 2015, throughout the FX and Australiasian Supersport championships onboard a Yamaha, and completed his first outing onboard the RaceDNA ZX636 at The Bend on Monday following the 2023 season finals.

“Riding with Jason [Whitehead] next year on the 636 is what we have agreed upon, and I am looking forward to it,” Demmery told CycleOnline. “First test was Monday after The Bend, so it was a great spot to test for the first time because we had some information to go on from the weekend, a couple days before.

“The track conditions were reasonably similar so we ended up coming out three or four seconds off race pace, so we were really happy. The whole team worked really well, the bike, we made some great developments really early on. Pretty much every change we made on the bike we went faster, and I felt more and more comfortable. Thing felt really good, and I’m really happy with it.

“Looking forward to doing some more testing later in the year, and early next year to still further develop the bike. Obviously, it is all-new to all of us, Jason and myself, and Chris [Jones] suspension-wise, so it’s all-new and I’m just excited about the new challenge really.

“Finally stepping up after a long time. Did one year in the 600s in 2015, but it was sort of a compromised year, we didn’t really go at it as well as I wanted to. So this is sort of going to be our first real year of ASBK on the 600 and I’m looking forward to it.”

Demmery has been a fixture in the lower capacity Supersport 300-type categories throughout his career, winning the Australian 250 Production Championship in 2013, the FX300 Ninja Cup series in 2014 and the 2016 ASBK Over 300cc Production title.