News 26 Nov 2010

Yamaha releases 2011 model XJR1300

Yamaha's classic XJR1300 musclebike is back in black for 2011.

Yamaha's XJR1300 is back in black for 2011 at just $13,999.

Yamaha's XJR1300 is back in black for 2011 at just $13,999.

Yamaha’s classic XJR1300 musclebike is back in black for 2011 and means business with a price tag that’s as retro as its look.

Sporting a hot go-faster stripe colour scheme, the mean fuel injected roadster continues to surprise riders with its smooth torquey power delivery and refined handling package.

Make no mistake, the look and the price tag may be retro but the performance is all 2011.

That’s thanks to a 1251cc air-cooled four cylinder powerplant that puts out over 100Nm of torque at just 6000rpm.

The potent DOHC design sporting electroplated alloy cylinders and forged pistons mated to carburised rods with the smooth power delivery and clean-running performance of fuel injection.

The fuel injection system offers high levels of intake control thanks to an ECU-controlled 12-hole two-directional injector. This monitors rpm and throttle opening to achieve optimum intake efficiency. A hot looking 4-2-1 exhaust system underlines the XJR1300’s muscular street performance and helps boost torque levels at lower rpm levels. Getting away from the lights or slow moving traffic has never been so much fun.

She’s clean running too. A three-way honeycomb catalyser coated in platinum and rhodium reduces exhaust emissions, and for more effective operation of the catalyser an oxygen sensor is also fitted. The catalyser is in three parts – two in the midsection of the exhaust where there are two pipes, and another one in the silencer.

In addition, a solenoid controlled air induction system ensures even more complete combustion of unburnt hydrocarbons. A compact version of Yamaha’s famous torque-boosting EXUP valve uses rpm and gear position data to precisely control exhaust flow, which further improves torque characteristics.

The XJR1300 holds a tight line aided by the high level of suspension. The beefy 43mm forks are set for plush action and light handling while reducing nosedive during braking.

Meanwhile, high-spec Ohlins rear shocks designed to offer a linear feel with optimised rebound and compression damping characteristics control the rear. These units help reduce rear end squat for improved traction and enhanced handling.

A superbly balanced chassis accentuates the XJR’s presence, and the double cradle tubular steel frame, reinforced with a box-section aluminium swingarm, offers up a muscular look.

Serious power demands strong traction. The trick three-spoke alloy wheels minimise unsprung weight for sharp steering while the wide tyres provide excellent road-holding.

Plus the 298mm dual disc front brake with monobloc four-piston calipers ensures all that power comes under immediate control.

Additional features include a plush seat design that offers an optimum balance of sportiness and comfort, the peace of mind of an immobiliser, as well as dual circular LED tail lights, internal instrument illumination, clear flasher lenses and oval mirrors.

All these refinements should come at a premium, but YMA has managed to shave the retail price back by $700 over the existing model to give a new RRP of just $13,999 (inc GST).

XJR1300 – One ride and you’ll understand the fuss.