News 5 Jul 2013

Yamaha introduces sporty new 2013 FZ6R middleweight

Learner-approved model offers exceptional handling and more power to suit all levels of rider.

Yamaha's new FZ6R is an attractive choice for those considering a learner-friendly machine.

Yamaha’s new FZ6R is an attractive choice for those considering a learner-friendly machine.

Yamaha Motor Australia has released details of its new FZ6R, a four-cylinder LAMS-approved machine based upon its popular XJ middleweight series.

For 2013 the power output aboard the FZ6R has been increased, with 47.6 brake horsepower delivered at 10,000rpm for what Yamaha describes as “fun, easy riding”.

The bike’s four-cylinder 600cc engine is inspired by the class-leading Yamaha R6 machine and tuned to deliver a responsive level of torque at the low to mid range levels.

Ease of handling is further aided by fuel injection mapping which is optimised in accordance with the engine specs.

The bike’s diamond-shaped steel frame, constructed of high-tensile piping, has been designed for a stable yet sporty ride.

Good cornering performance is achieved by a low level of lateral rigidity, with the engine contributing to the strength of the chassis through a four-point mount on the frame.

A low seat height and adjustable seat and handlebars ensure the bike is both comfortable and suitable for all levels of rider.

The FZ6R features a full fairing and sports mid-ship muffler that produces a sweet exhaust note, completing the stylish middle-weight machine that feels equally at home in the suburbs, on the highway or on twisty back roads.

The FZ6R is built in Japan and is finished with a factory-quality feel. For 2013 the machine comes with Yamaha’s new ‘R’ series inspired colour schemes – Team Yamaha blue/white and pearl white.

A range of accessories created specifically for the 2013 FZ6R are also available.

The 2013 FZ6R retails for $9,999, with the Team Yamaha blue/white scheme going out at $10, 499.

Yamaha Motor Australia is offering free on-road costs for the purchasing period 1 July – 25 September. Visit for further specs and features.