Products 9 Sep 2013

Motul launches technologically-advanced motorcycle lubricants range

Motul announces new range of lubricants developed from decades of research, testing and technology advancements.

Link International sent us the following information on Motul’s latest release:

Worldwide expert in the field of high-tech lubricants for use on the road, off-road and in competition, MOTUL announces the launch of its new range of motorcycle lubricants.

The latest evolution to be produced and marketed by the French company reflects the company’s constant search for the latest technologies and its empathy with its core markets.

Known and respected as a benchmark in the industry for its high-tech products, MOTUL’s latest motorcycle range includes lubricants for four-stroke and two-stroke engines formulated to meet worldwide recognised industry standards API, JASO and the latest manufacturers’ recommendations.

Over several decades, MOTUL has consistently improved the performance of its motorcycle lubricants through development of its own unique type of ester, with the latest result being the introduction of technology. This technology combines carefully chosen esters with an innovative additives package to produce a lubricant that optimises power and protection.

Involved in the highest levels of motorsport, MOTUL has developed specific motorcycle lubricants for racing under the brand Factory Line to deliver extra power and higher torque. Specifically, the new 300V Factory Line Road Racing gives a power increase of 1.30 percent while the Off Road version offers a torque increase of 2.5 percent compared to previous versions.

On top of this, MOTUL has targeted in its development improvements in two other critical areas, the gearbox and the wet clutch. The new 300V provides outstanding extreme pressure properties to protect highly loaded gearboxes while the clutch friction indexes have been optimized to improve life time and response of clutch discs in Road Racing and Off Road.

The general four-stroke range also benefits from the latest motorsport-developed technologies, meeting JASO MA2 specification which is the most efficient friction level.

The new 7100 100 percent synthetic – Ester technology – four-Stroke line is increased to four different products for the Australian market with the inclusion of the 10W50 viscosity in response to the latest manufacturers’ recommendations from BMW, KTM, Aprilia, and MV Agusta.

The 5100 Technosynthese® – Ester technology – four-stroke lubricants formulation has also been improved and the number of viscosities remains the same with three different viscosity grades (10W30, 10W40 and 10W50) for the Australian market.

The 3100 GOLD Technosythese® four-stroke lubricant in 10W40 and 15W50 viscosity grades, and the 3000 PLUS HC-TECH® four-stroke lubricant in 10W30, 10W40 and 15W50 are also part of MOTUL’s latest technology advancement.

In addition to technological advances, MOTUL has revised its label design to reinforce its position as a specialist in the motorcycle markets. Priorities were given to the MOTUL brand, to key product information on the front label such as quality, product name, MA2, and the application visualized through an image of a motorcycle specific to each product.

The 300V Factory Line has not been left behind and adopted a new design in red and black to emphasize its Racing value.