Products 10 Apr 2014

Reviewed: GO PUCK 5X and 3X rates the GO PUCK (Portable USB Charging Kit).

Sometimes gadgets come on the market that are just outright handy to have and use. When it comes to the GO PUCK, it’s definitely one of those things you learn to rely on. The GO PUCK is a battery charging station that we here at CycleOnline use frequently whether on location and sometimes even in the office.

It’s a really functional, legitimate, bit of kit that since we got our hands on one we’ve used it for all sorts of things – phones, action cameras mobile broadband devices most often. Put simply, it’s the type of item that once you live with it, it’s hard to live without.


– 5X 6600 mAh; 3X 4400 mAh
– Dual USB output; standard and rapid charging at up to two amps
– Pocket-sized for portable power anywhere
– Four LED state of charge indicator
– Super lightweight at 170 grams
– Rugged design; shock and vibration resistant
– Tips included are suitable for Micro USB; Mini USB; multiple phones and more


What we’re stoked on with the GO PUCK is the obvious; it does what it’s supposed to do well, which is charge things. It’s sturdy and so far ultra reliable after a few months of relatively heavy usage. When fully charged the 3X is capable of three full charges; while the 5X provides five complete charges when using for phones (less for some other devices). And what we love the most? Its RAPID portal charges up to 10 times faster than conventional wall-mounted outlets without damaging the battery. You can charge two devices at once (only one RAPID though), so that is helpful. It has ‘Charge Through Technology’, which means you can charge the GO PUCK while charging connected devices simultaneously. Another plus is that if you do want to wear the GO PUCK in action by purchasing the separate ‘Active Mount’, its shock and vibration resistant so you’re good to go.


If you’re going to rely on the GO PUCK for charging on the go is that you preferably want to get your charging out of the way while either in the car or at a location you can place it down. We wouldn’t suggest you carry it in your pocket, because it’s not ideal along with a phone and cord. In saying that though, the wearable Active Mount can fit to your belt, etc, pretty hassle-free. Otherwise, a backback or some form of baggage works and you can use the Active Mount to position it externally if required. Apart from that, these things are hard to fault.

Purchase details

Price: 5X $119; 3X $89; Active Mount $29.95
Warranty: One year limited from manufacturer
Australian distributor: Lusty Industries and Distributors
Further information: