Products 15 Apr 2014

Product: Shark Explore-R helmet

A versatile new addition to Shark's quality range.

Shark has just introduced a helmet for all conditions and multiple types of riding; the Explore-R. Put simply, it’s one of the most versatile helmets on the market.

Whether you’re commuting to the office, adventure riding through the hills, touring with buddies, cruising alone, racing on the track, or riding in the pouring rain the Shark Explore R is the helmet that offers as much in performance as it does in style.

The Explore-R can easily change between a full-face and trail-style helmet by simply attaching the visor and goggles. This makes it suitable for all terrains.

Pushing technical boundaries, the Explore-R features a lightweight carbon aramid fibre and multi-axial glass fibre shell with a removable peak, drop-down sunglass visor and removable clear visor.

The full screen panoramic field of vision is backed by a Rapid Anti-Fog System for guaranteed complete visibility no matter the conditions. Plus, the Easy-Fit System ensures optimal comfort even for riders wearing glasses.

Lightweight and highly versatile, the superior design includes a neck guard to protect you and the underside of the helmet should you be stuck in the middle of a downpour.

Furthermore, the retractable windshield within the chin cover makes light work of that nasty head-wind during long rides on the open road. For a helmet that’s as tough as it looks, and equally impressive, check out the Explore-R.

Purchase details

Price: $599.95
Australian distributor: Ficeda Accessories
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