Products 30 May 2014

Product: Motorex Moto Shine

New Moto Shine product rounds out Clean and Care range.

Motorex rounds off its new ‘Clean and Care’ program for perfect motorcycle care with the spray polish, Moto Shine. Permanent further development of all product lines is a matter of course maintained for decades by Motorex. In 2013, a four-step renewal of the Clean and Care series was on the agenda of the Swiss specialists for top quality lubricants and care products.

Step one, the revision of the motorcycle cleaner Moto Clean, now cleaning even better thanks to an optimised formulation and new spray flask. Step two was the development of the revolutionary Quick Cleaner to perfect waterless motorcycle cleaning. This was followed by the launch of the highly efficient care and conservation spray Moto Protect. Now, the new Moto Shine rounds off the renewed range of Motorex care products as step four.

Moto Shine is a newly-developed spray polish that the bike care professionals from Langenthal, Switzerland, recommend for a perfect finish after cleaning the motorbike. The product ensures a long-lasting shine and refreshes the colours of painted, chrome and plastic surfaces, as well as creating an enduring, anti-static protective film that lets water roll off perfectly.

Moto Shine is available in a 0.5-litre spray flask featuring the new Motorex pump system with seamlessly adjustable nozzle. It is sprayed onto a dry cloth and rubbed onto the desired surfaces, combining perfect results and an efficient product use with a fine spray pattern.

Those who only want the best for their bike find the new Moto Shine at every good retail store. Find further information on Motorex products and related issues online at

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Price: 500ml $23.95
Australian distributor: A1 Accessory Imports