News 17 Oct 2014

Yamaha reveals brand new 2015 model YZF-R3

Yamaha pulls the covers off twin-cylinder 321cc supersport.

Source: Yamaha.

Source: Yamaha.

Source: Yamaha.

Source: Yamaha.

Yamaha has unveiled its anticipated YZF-R3 supersport model overnight, confirming the brand will upgrade its mid-range R-series model.

Developed using R-series DNA and boasting an inline twin-cylinder 321cc engine, the chassis has been designed for agile, sporty handling, according to Yamaha.

The R3 features an aggressive R-series dual headlight, full fairing and aerodynamic bodywork. It will come standard with ABS braking performance.

Specifications from Yamaha Motor’s European website state the R3 has a maximum power output of 30.9 kW (42hp) at 10,750 RPM, with max torque listed as 29.6Nm at 9000 RPM. It weighs in at 169kg wet.

Multiple new models from Yamaha will be unveiled at Phillip Island’s Australian round of the MotoGP World Championship on Friday, which could include the first local sighting of the YZF-R3.

Additional information on the 2015 Yamaha R3 can be found on by clicking here.