Products 14 Nov 2017

Product: 2017 Ixon Vortex suit

Leather racing suit now available across the country.

Ficeda has just introduced the 2017 Ixon Vortex leather suit to the Australian market, which is now available at participating dealers and online retailers across the country.

Premium materials, high–tech construction and advanced comfort features make the Vortex suit a leader when it comes to choosing armour that rides like a second skin.

Source: Supplied.

The Vortex racing suit is made from supple full-grain leather, this means the hide has not been sanded or buffed to remove natural marks, leaving the fibre in it’s natural state. The result is maximum thickness and durability without sacrificing on flex, giving the best in comfort and protection you can get.

Rider comfort is well accounted for in the Vortex suit, with flex leather at the armholes and lower back, while extra ventilation at the chest, arms, thighs and back increases airflow so you can keep your cool whilst burning up the track. Form–fitted rubber reinforced shoulders and secure stitching for durability means this is a suit that can withstand all kinds of abuse.

Source: Supplied.

2017 Ixon Vortex suit key features:
– Thick and extra supple full grain leather.
– Perforated leather on chest, arms, thighs and back for efficient ventilation.
– Flex leather on armholes and bottom back.
– Stretch under arms, on back of the full leg and on crotch.
– Rubber reinforcements on shoulders.
– Secure stitching.
– Very sportive preformed and fitted cut.
– Aerodynamic hump.
– Delivered with sliders.
– Removable nylon lining.
– Racing collar with neoprene high neck roll.
– Zipped cuffs with strap.
– Zipped calves.

Priced at RRP $1199.95, the Vortex suit is available in four colour options: Black/white/green, black/white/yellow, black/white/red and black/white. For more information, visit