News 16 Dec 2019

Detailed: 2020 Metzeler Sportec M9 RR tyre

All-new sports bike tyre from Metzeler due next year.

Cassons, the Australian distributor of Metzeler, has recently unveiled its new range of motorcycles tyres, including the Sportec M9 RR offering.

The Sportect M9 RR has a strong connection to its predecessor – the Sportect M7 RR. The name Sportec identifies the range of sports road tyres designed for day-to-day use and to guarantee a great riding experience, safety and versatility.

RR stands for Road Racing and immediately brings to mind the iconic Isle of Man TT competition, won this year by champion Dean Harrison on Metzeler tyres.

Image: Supplied.

The Sportec M9 RR perfectly combines the typical versatility of day-to-day use with the brand’s competitive experience in road racing, building on the important legacy of the Sportec M7 RR – a tyre that boasts an impressive list of awards and recognitions. This is completed with the most recent technological advances from the German brand’s research and development activity.

One of the most pervasive innovations in motorcycle technology from the introduction of the Sportec M7 RR has been the development of electronic rider-assist technology, supported by sophisticated sensors that offer riders greater security, regardless of the type of motorcycle.

In this context, tyres play a fundamental role in allowing the electronics to interpret the true behaviour of the vehicle and calibrate it to offer the best riding experience and optimum performance.

The biggest challenge for the Metzeler Research and Development Centre was to adapt the dynamic performance of the Sportec M9 RR to a wide range of motorcycles, allowing electronic rider assistance systems to function properly.

The Sportec M9 RR has been designed for motorcyclists, primarily owners of supersport and naked bikes, with a sporty driving style and who use their bikes almost every day and in all conditions, from the urban jungle to the winding weekend roads, and are looking for improved performance – riders who want a great driving experience and sporty performance even in wet conditions, primarily on the road but with the option to take their bike on the track as well.

The full Sportec M9 RR range includes three front tyres sizes and nine rear tyre sizes. For more information, visit